Published by: ROBINLYNNE on 28th Dec 2015 | View all blogs by ROBINLYNNE

The CORE. FOUNDATION and ROOTS of 1Latham TV is: EVIDENCE PROOF TRUTH No arguments, controversy, deceptions, excuses, guesses, lies, opinions or tricks Show me the error of my ways with RIGHTEOUSNESS, SCRIPTURES and / or TRUTH NEVER attempt to use deceptions, lies or tricks to correct me. You won't enjoy or like the outcome as I WILL EXPOSE you as one having a lying tongue. Let us not forget. A lying tongue is an abomination unto GOD ALL TRUE STORIES and TESTIMONIES ARE WELCOME 1Latham TV is THE HOME OF YOU - where you are the CELEBRITY when you allow us to do COVERAGE, DOCUMENTARIES and LIVE INTERVIEWS of Your CHILDREN, YOUTH, YOUNG ADULTS, ELDERLY, WOMAN and MEN from all walks of life .... QUESTIONS, POINTS, problems, SUBJECT, and TOPICS are need from you - the listeners and viewers.



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