Published by: ROBINLYNNE on 20th Dec 2015 | View all blogs by ROBINLYNNE

Yul Spencer was brought to my attention by Comedian Willie Brown when Yul's move "The Grind" was released in 2014. I immediatley connected with Yul and began to promote the movie on my network Robinlynnes Productions. I just found out that Yul Spencer is beng considered for the Role of Richard Pryor in an upcoming Biopic about the late great comic. 

Oprah Winfrey is already cast in the role of Richard's Mother, and while Mike Epps is slated for the role of Richard, it's not set in stone yet. I myself think that Yul Spencer is "The One" after seeing his screentest. Watch and see for Yourself and please leave Your feedback.  



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    by ROBINLYNNE 2 years ago
    After watching this screentest, I will get on my tricycle and roll up on hollywood if Yul Spencer is not cast as Richard Pryor!@ What Do You think?
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